Log Wall Styles

Homestead Log Homes has a long reputation as a premier log home builder and manufacturer, starting in Medford, Oregon in 1978. Shown below are five styles of log wall construction we produce at our Oregon plant. Each profile is available in a variety of log diameters, with 10-12 inch the standard. Buyers have the choice between Pine, Fir and Cedar, all grown nearby, and we have the flexibility to build any style or new idea you may have. Check out our prices—apples to apples, we have the lowest. All  of our log wall profiles come pre-assembled for fast re-assembly with saddle-notched, shrink-to-fit corners and steel through-bolt fastening. Click on photos to view a larger image.


Scribe-Fit 3-Sided

This is one of the only flat interior wall styles you’ll see that isn’t a butt and pass corner, it’s a good one. We use the same corner technology as the 2-sided, then run each log back through the bandsaw for a smooth interior flat surface. Standard flat to round diameter runs eight inches. Plus, the corners are round to round on the exterior, so from the outside no one can tell the inside walls are flat. Bigger logs are available in this profile, too.

Scribe-Fit 2-Sided

Our most popular style of hand-crafted wall logs features top and bottom surfaces planed to exacting tolerances. We take the time to bevel back each edge for a rounder more natural look. Because we use only dry logs, shrinkage is minimized and the corners stay tight. Standard round to round diameter runs ten to twelve inches, with two larger sizes optional.


Full Round With Chinking “Montana Style”

This is about the most authentic Old World style of log building we make. The hand-peeled round logs are saddle-notched together and chinked with a synthetic, textured, fire-resistant product. This chinking is available in four colors and absorbs log movement without cracking. Log diameters run ten to fourteen inches.

Scandinavian Full Scribe “Canadian Style”

Log walls are hand-crafted round on round and scribe fitted laterally to the log below. This chinkless profile features saddle-notched, shrink-to-fit corners with log diameters averaging twelve to fourteen inches. Check for availability in Pine, Fir or Cedar logs.


Swedish Cope

Probably the most popular style of log building in our industry, each log is lathe turned to an exact diameter and coped to fit the log below. Logs are smooth to the touch with a standard diameter of ten inches. These logs can also be hand-peeled for an extra charge.